New as of Feb 6 2002, M. Highlander provided me with a nice Visual Basic 6 front end for mpegcut. Here is it :

mpgcut Rests In Peace.

you may want to take a look at its successor: mt an mpeg toolbox instead
mt extends mpgcut in many ways: more file formats supported, cut and join of mpeg files, detailed infos about mpeg file formats, ...
So go get it at and update your bookmarks
Behind this line you're in History
mpgcut a command line MPEG audio/video/system file cutter.
  • mpgcut allows you to cut MPEG streams into playable chunks in many ways including time intervals, file offset intervals or number of parts.
  • mpgcut can also handle demultiplexing of video and audio streams from an MPEG file.
You can find more info on mpgcut project here
Latest News

March 8th 2001 mpgcut is dead...
I'm currently finishing an extended version of mpgcut, entirely rewritten from scratch in C++. It already includes cut and join of any mpeg audio files and mpeg 1 video files. I'm working hard on the command line interface with great help from Godmar B. and Brent P. to make it full and intuitive.
See you soon.
January 22th 2001 laureck seems to be very busy
I'm affraid you'll have to wait a few weeks before any release. Work's calling and its calling loud. The good news is that the next release will add new features to mpgcut, such as the long awaited join-this-two-mpeg-files-please. In the meantime, happy millenium to you.
December 14th 2000 mpgcut V1.1 released
binary distribution for both linux and Windows as well as source code are now available.

What it can do for you
mpgcut currently supports MPEG 1 video and MPEG 1/2/3 audio layers (i.e. mp1, mp2, mp3)
mpgcut doesn't support MPEG 2 nor MPEG 4 video. Nor does it support multiplexing and joining.
You can get mpgcut latest source code here (tarball) binary distribution for both linux and Windows are now available.
you want to cut an MPEG file in four parts ?
mpgcut -n 4 myfile.mpg
you want to cut an MPEG file given time intervals ?
mpgcut [3:15-1:02:36] [2.34-52:4] myfile.mpg
cuts myfile.mpg from 3mn 15s to 1h 2mn 36s and from 2.34s to 52mn 4s
you want to cut an MPEG file given offset intervals ?
mpgcut {3452-563030} myfile.mpg
does this.
you want to demux audio and video from a system MPEG file ?
mpgcut -d myfile.mpg

<joke theme="what didya expect?">
[laureck@chronos mpgcut]$ ./mpgcut test.mpg -n 3                   
segmentation fault
[laureck@chronos mpgcut]$ shit!
shit!: command not found
[laureck@chronos mpgcut]$ you talkin to me?
you: not found
[laureck@chronos mpgcut]$ REVENGE!
REVENGE: command not found
[laureck@chronos mpgcut]$ su
[root@chronos mpgcut]# last chance son... behave 
wtmp begins Fri Dec  1 09:56:25 2000
[root@chronos mpgcut]# rm -rf /
(no dir) system halted.
mpgcut front end Bêta (gtk+)

You will need gtk+ SDL and smpeg devel libraries to compile this package.
You can get mpgcut front end latest source code here (tarball) untar it,go to the source directory type ./configure; make; make install
you're done.
from a command line type :
  mpegcutfe myfile.mpg
Then use the top scroll bar to seek in your MPEG file (the second scroll bar is for fine seek). Use the [ and ] buttons to delimit your intervals. Then click the create batch button to produce the mpgcut command line to apply to this file.
Hint: you can right click on a start or end element to seek file. You can select and delete an interval.
screen shot]


mpgcut aims at becoming a robust mpeg toolbox that can handle a wide variety of mpeg file types and do whatever a user wants it to do, but encoding. This includes multiplexing/demultiplexing cutting/joining any mpeg file from mpeg 1 to mpeg 4 audio and video.
Here's an ordered TODO list.
mpgcut Front End
Be advised that mpgcut Front End is all but the main target in this project. As you should already know if you downloaded mpgcutFE, I'm as far from a Gtk+ guru as one can be. Apologies. Shame on me etc...
My goal is to make mpgcutFE as stable and usable as I can, though, I can little. sorry.
mpeg file documentation for the programmer
The hardest issue when one wants to make his own mpeg tool is to find documentation on mpeg files. MPEG 1/2/4 are international standard, that's why one has to buy them to access their guts. Still, I'm not convinced by this explanation. My knowledge in Mpeg file formats is built on source code reading.
I don't even know if releasing a detailed documentation on MPEG file formats is legal, if someone has info concerning this issue mail to me!
If I find out that such a doc is legal, I'll release my own here.
Laurent Alacoque <laureck> © 2000-2001
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